Teaching and Learning Methods

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At Sterling Education we fully appreciate that children learn in many different ways and so we aim to teach using many different styles. Our teachers make use a carefully selected range of teaching styles and pupil organisation depending on the learning objectives of the lesson.


ICT is a key and regular feature of our lessons and this is to ensure that our pupils develop as life long learners.

Our teaching and learning methods encourage pupils to have a growing awareness of their own learning through self questioning and evaluation of their understanding.

Personalised learning is central to our teaching  and learning framework and we tailor our delivery of the curriculum to meet the individual needs of our pupils. In this respect all pupils are assigned a personal teacher with overall responsibility for overseeing their academic performance.

In providing teaching and learning services, we place great emphasis on assessment for learning, teaching and learning strategies, a broad and rich curriculum, organisation of learning and strong partnerships with parents ,carers, and guardians.