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At Sterling Education we are dedicated to safeguarding and preserving your privacy when visiting our site or communicating electronically with us. Our Privacy Policy has been provided and approved by provider This Privacy Policy, together with our terms of use, provides an explanation as to what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you. We do update this Policy from time to time so please do review this Policy regularly.

Terms & Conditions

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The Saturday School has outlined below, the ‘Terms and Conditions’ which apply to tutees and parents and, to the programme co-ordinators.


In order to maintain the high standards of service provided by the programme, the following are to be observed at all times. Parents, who wish to access the service must sign the accompanying form acknowledging that they have received, understood and agree to the following:



Saturday School - Rules and Regulations:



1.    Tuition fees are payable in advance:


1.1  The payment of tutorial fees must be made in advance and not in arrears.


1.2  Parents may choose to pay monthly, 4 weekly or fortnightly in advance AND parents will be given 7 days to pay the invoice commencing from the date the invoice is given to the parent.


1.3  If tutorial fees are more than one month in arrears (and special arrangements have NOT been made with the co-ordinator) the tutee will not be entered for the proceeding classes.


2.    Termination of tutorials:


2.1 If a parent wishes to discontinue their child’s attendance to the “Saturday

School”, 2 full weeks notice in advance, must be given.


2.2  The co-ordinator reserves the right to terminate the service at any time and refund any outstanding fees paid in advance.


3.    Periods of long absence:


3.1  If a tutee is going to be absent due to holidays or will not be attending for a while (i.e. 2 consecutive weeks or more) and parents want their space to be retained, prior arrangements must be made with the co-ordinator or the deputy co-ordinator.


3.2  A surcharge of £7.00 per week of absence (per child), known as a “freeze fee” will be levied to retain the allocated time-slot available for that tutee upon their return.


3.3  The above fee does not apply to ‘one-off’ absences due to a genuine emergency.


3.4  If the co-ordinator or deputy is not informed of a tutee’s prolonged absence or arrangements are not made regarding a tutee’s prolonged period of absence, the time-slot will be given to another child on the waiting list or another attending tutee who wishes to take that time-slot.


4.    Missing Tutorials:


4.1  If a tutee has to miss a class it is important that the parent lets the co-ordinator/ deputy know at least 48- 24 hours before the scheduled tutorial.


  • Notification of absence ON THE DAY (e.g. hours before, or at the start time of a tutorial) of the tutorial will lead to the tutorial fee being levied irrespective.



4.2  The co-ordinator will use all reasonable endeavours to reschedule the missed class. However, from time to time it may not be possible to reschedule the class and, the co-ordinator reserves the right to inform parents where it is not possible to reschedule a class.


4.3  Except in the case of genuine emergencies, persistent defaulters of the above (paragraph 4.1) will forfeit the tutorial fee they have paid in advance for that date.


4.4  If parents fail to notify the co-ordinator/ deputy of a tutee’s absence at all, the full tutorial fee will be forfeited.


4.5  Please note: that tutors prepare for classes in advance and always promptly attend to teach; thus, they still have to be paid irrespective of whether a tutee attends or not.


4.3  Except in cases of emergency (e.g. circumstances beyond the programme’s control), parents will be notified in good time (minimum of 24 hours) if a tutor cannot take a class or the classes are cancelled and arrangements to reschedule (if possible) or refund the tutorial fee for that day will be made.



5.    Parents picking up tutees late:


5.1  Parents must notify the co-ordinator/ deputy (in advance) by telephone if they are going to be late picking up their children.


5.2  Except in the case of ‘one-off’ genuine emergencies, parents later than 20 minutes to pick their child will be levied half the tutorial fee for that period of lateness.


5.3  The co-ordinator reserves the right to levy half the tutorial fee for persistent ‘lateness’ defaulters



6.    Sickness policy:


6.1  If a tutee is sick or has a contagious condition please keep the tutee at home until they recover.


6.2  Every endeavour will be made to re-schedule the tutorial missed due to ill health.